Running Ultraman【Correction】
Company Name: Hefei Joymeng Information Tech Co., Ltd. GAME TYPE: Single Games
Platforms: iOS,Android Need: I Need Publishers,I Need Distributers
Completeness: 已完成 Coporation Area: Mainland China,Hongkong & Macao & Taiwan

Product Introduction

Making extreme dynamic experience, perfectly restoring SFX super product, new-generation 3D vertical parkour game Running Ultraman is playing Assembly, inviting heroes to fight with Golza together. This game has achieved Ultraman’s legal copy authorization, faithful reconstructing original classic feature, and exciting battery showing fighting running new experience. Downloading and installing the game now, Ultraman’s destiny is controlled by you!

★★★Charge the war with Ultraman together ★★★
Running Ultraman is adapted by classic Science fiction TV series Ultraman. Joymeng Anime carefully designed six characters’ image, involving all the familiar heroes into this action parkour game. Each character has exclusive weapon. One key can release all the ultimate skills. Ambition of destroying Golza with Ultraman!

★★★Enjoy endless slaughter by exciting battery pattern★★★
This game specially adds attaching skills of all the characters in the original TV series based on the common parkour games, killing monsters by sliding screen, calling exclusive equipment to release ultimate skill. In some special level, players drive battery shooting monsters, fully enjoying slaughter exciting experience. Stronger monster is waiting for you!

★★★Shocked real dubbing, carefree vision experience★★★
This game is used real dubbing of original TV series, all the actions and operations have corresponding sound effect. Characters are all 3D modeling, particle effects makes the game more lifelike. With joyful shocked sound effect, classic images reappear in the screen.

Traveling through M78 nebula, march forward bravely with Ultraman. Come and experience this destiny adventure travel!

Team Introduction

Joymeng Information Tech Co., Ltd. is established in March 2009, which is high-tech anime enterprise focusing on development, operation and sales of anime, mobile game, web game, social game and software.

Joymeng has more than 500 staffs now, 400 domestic staffs and 100 foreigner staffs. Over 90% staffs have bachelor or higher degree. Currently, Joymeng has become the biggest anime game development enterprise in Anhui Province, with global leading development platform of proprietary intellectual property rights. Joymeng has set filiales in Hong Kong, Nanjing, Chengdu and Guangzhou, also branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, US, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia. Overseas market is arranged since 2012 and overseas publishing platform is released in 2014, overseas users has reached 238 million. Operation teams can skillfully use different languages, including English, French, Germany, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and so on, mainly covering countries like US, India, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia etc. Mobile game products like Speed City Mot, Zombies Sniper etc. enter overseas fast seller list, overseas publishing business is matching international market, realizing global operation.

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