Dragon Kill Blade【Correction】
Company Name: Shanghai Douwan Web Tech Co., Ltd. GAME TYPE: Online Games
Platforms: iOS,Android,IOS Jailbreaking Need: I Need Publishers,I Need Distributers
Completeness: 90% Coporation Area: Mainland China,Hongkong & Macao & Taiwan,South Korea,Southeast Asia

Product Introduction

Dragon Kill Blade is an ARPG mobile game with multiplayer free PK, feature as thousands people’s city war. In the game, there are 3 traditional careers which are Soldier, Mage and Monk, instant PK, mini operation and multi-angle fighting feelings, decisive battle happens instantly! Super power god system, as long as you own it, you can control the world! Equipment system, blessing system, wings system, treasure system, several unique systems are perfectly combined, making extremely PK experience for players.

Team Introduction

Shanghai Douwan Web is web game developing and operating company, having abundant game developing and operating experience in web game industry. With this kind of experience and motivation, we found a powerful and young mobile game operating team in 2014. Fast, dedicated, useful and insightful game publishing and operating, providing insightful game operating service always is our goal. We are now actively searching excellent high-quality mobile games for sole agent, first publishing and co-operation cooperation, tying to reach win-win situation with domestic and overseas excellent mobile game developers in mobile game market!

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