Zombie Hunter K【Correction】
Company Name: Shenzhen Galaxy Interactive Technology Company, Ltd. GAME TYPE: Single Games
Platforms: iOS Need: I Need Distributers
Completeness: 已完成 Coporation Area: Mainland China

Product Introduction

Nation-level horizontal-version shooting mobile game is airborne landing, cadaverization virus wreaks havoc the world, zombie hunter K stepped out!

Survive! Slaughter! You are almighty here. Enjoy burning here, bro!

This holiday, keep bullet flying!

Team Introduction

Xianyu Game is one of the Chinese leading new-style mobile game publishing companies. Established in 2013, focusing on agent and publishing business for domestic and overseas high-quality mobile games, our company’s publishing business team has mature global mobile game publishing capacity and used to publish several star-products as agent, such as Sango Slayer 2, Cat village 2, Legend of Demon Jade and so on, all of them achieved brilliant performance. Xianyu has subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing now.

August 2014, Xianyu Game officially released first product Sango Slayer2, followed by several different types of game products like Cat Village 2, Legend of Demon Jade and so on. Sango Slayer 2 and Cat village 2 achieved success successively. Even more, Sango Slayer 2 achieved Apple's official high-quality games recommendation in 2014, becoming one of the most outstanding console games. September 2015, Legend of Demon Jade, Chinese-style large RPG mobile game published by Xianyu Game, successfully squeezed into the forefront on App Store Payment List, becoming one shining star in Chinese console mobile game.

July 2015, Xianyu Game received A round funding which is leading by Chinese advanced comprehensive entertainment group Huayi Brothers, following Arena Capital , Chinese biggest investment fund in sport industry, top-level investment institution Greenword Invest and new prominent investment institution GeekHouse. This is second large amount capital injection after Xianyu gained first round 10-million-level angel investment. After this A round investment, DXianyu Game has large superior resource and support in the area of television, sport, anime etc.

In the future, Xianyu Game will adhere publishing value “Let the world is full of laughter”, striving for becoming global leading new-type mobile game high-quality game publishing company. 

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