Legend of Shun【Correction】
Company Name: Chengdu Rain Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. GAME TYPE: Online Games
Platforms: iOS,Android,IOS Jailbreaking,WindowsPhone Need: I Need Publishers,Invest & Finance
Completeness: 70% Coporation Area: Mainland China,Hongkong & Macao & Taiwan,South Korea,Japan,Southeast Asia,Other

Product Introduction

Legend of Shun is Chinese style realistic 3D ARPG mobile game which is taken Journey to the West as topic and highlights bloody fighting. The game originally creates QTE skill combo, perfect combo can achieve attacking addition. Characters are created by DLG method, cool special effects and perfect combos. Abundant content includes thousands of monsters and scenes. Each character can change 28 clothes, diversified activities with all kinds of systems. Systems numerical all takes use of mature S level game program, technologic framework is mature and validated too, which can sustain thousands of people online at the same time, perfectly supporting news update.

Team Introduction

Rain Entertainment is established in August 2013, focusing on development of action ARPG mobile games. Team core members all have above-nine-year working experience in game industry, coming from famous game companies such as Shanda, Tencent, FerryNetwork etc. Our company has developed 4 games since established, all of them are 3D ARPG except for the first one, which is action console mobile game. The first three games has all signed agent agreement with public companies, including area mainland of China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korean. Currently we are going to finish the fourth game, seeking form agent publish or channel cooperation.

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