Doom Warsong【Correction】
Company Name: Chengdu Rain Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. GAME TYPE: Single Games
Platforms: iOS,Android,IOS Jailbreaking,WindowsPhone Need: I Need Publishers,Invest & Finance
Completeness: 70% Coporation Area: Mainland China,Hongkong & Macao & Taiwan,Other

Product Introduction

Western magic semi-realistic style full 3D ARPG. Fighting style is similar with Torchlight. Custom levels have set three difficulties: Common, Difficult and Hell; five modes: Common, Escort, Guard, Push down Tower and Tower Defense. Besides Custom levels, there are six duplicate playing mode as 1v1 Arena, 3v3 Team Abattoir, Team founding, Dragon Escort, World Boss, Babel. Take the growth of characters’ fighting power as core mainline. The whole package is under 80M, which can be fluently used in 512M low-memory phone.

Team Introduction

Rain Entertainment is established in August 2013, focusing on development of action ARPG mobile games. Team core members all have above-nine-year working experience in game industry, coming from famous game companies such as Shanda, Tencent, FerryNetwork etc. Our company has developed 4 games since established, all of them are 3D ARPG except for the first one, which is action console mobile game. The first three games has all signed agent agreement with public companies, including area mainland of China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korean. Currently we are going to finish the fourth game, seeking form agent publish or channel cooperation.

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