OURPALM invested ¥49.99 million for GameDo to speed up the layout of pan-entertainment

2016-01-14 10:45 Original yuzhaoxin

On Jan 13, OURPALM CO.LTD. announced invested 49.99 million for GameDo, which was founded in 2010.


GameDo is a video game copyright operation and distribution company with many resources in  films and teleplays, stars and sports. It is known to have established copyright cooperation relations with 38 film and television companies. As the game's publisher, Gamedo is very experienced in associating films and teleplays with games. It has published lots of mobile games like Nirvana in Fire and Fan Bingbing Wizard Academy with other companies.


Recently, OURPALM speeds up the pace of its investment. It invested 300 million in IRENA few days ago to expand the sports field. Obviously, GameDo's good job at IP works in the field of films and stars could help Ourpalm speed up its layout of pan-entertainment. After the cooperation, OURPALM will jointly launch a new mobile game at the beginning of 2016 with GameDo.

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