Malware invades Apple App Store via Tencent WeChat & other apps

2015-09-22 11:52 Resource:Gamasutra yangbingbing

In what it's dubbing the "first major attack" on Apple's App Store, Reuters reports that hundreds of legitimate apps on the storefront have been infected by malware embedded in a counterfeit version of Xcode.

Mobile game makers, take note: Apple's spokesperson told Reuters that the company has been removing apps infected with the "XcodeGhost" malware from its storefront and working with affected developers to recreate their work using legitimate versions of Xcode.

California-based security firm Palo Alto Networks is one of the companies which notified Apple of the malware breach, and it's published a partial list (in Chinese) of the affected apps, which include Tencent's popular chat app (and game distribution platform) WeChat as well as mobile games like Freedom Battle.

Last week Palo Alto Networks published a more detailed blog post about the origins of XcodeGhost, believed to be the first compiler malware for Mac OSX, which was distributed to iOS developers who chose to download Xcode via a file-sharing service rather than directly from Apple.


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