Wang Jialun officially confirmed to attend the WMGC

2015-09-16 12:04 Original gallonwang

Introduction: World Mobile Game Conference & Expo (WMGC). In order to keep up to date with the global trends in mobile internet development, meet the new requirements from the rapid growth of global mobile games and fully utilize the new development opportunities of China’s mobile games. The WMGC conference, through speeches and seminars, analyzes the principles of mobile game development, explores the topics at the forefront of the field of mobile games, exchanges ideas of the R&D and application of mobile games, publishes data on the trends of the mobile game industry, supports the international mobile game brands, boosts the innovative efforts of the mobile game industry and promotes the sustainable and healthy development of mobile game industry. The WMGC exhibition has been tailor-made for mobile game companies. It focuses on display of company brands and promotion of new products of mobile games globally, and places additional emphasis on import & export copyright trading, copyright cooperation, joint R&D, joint operation, investment and financing etc.

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