[Teahouse Daily] Apple applied for iRing patent, maybe will start to develop motion sensing game·Wang Feng and his management team increased LINEKONG’s stocks

2015-10-13 14:03 Original yangbingbing

[Enterprise] Apple’s new patent “iRing” exposed, maybe will start to develop motion sensing game.

The fairly comprehensive patent application, titled "Devices and methods for a ring computing device" and published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, describes an advanced ring-style wearable that uses voice, motion and touch input to control and interact with larger computing devices. This patent maybe will support mobile game entering motion sensing game industry.

Teahouse notes: maybe lots of intelligent rings will appear before it.


[Enterprise] Foreigner Media: Twitter laid off globally and will recombinant engineering department

According to the report of foreigner medias, Twitter is going to lay off staffs in the whole company next week. Because of this, Twitter’s share price is fluctuating. Layoff number is still unclear now, but it is said it will affect most departments. At the same time, Twitter is also planning to recombinant it is engineering department to be more efficient. Twitter has no comments about the layoff news.

Teahouse notes: Twitter’s social dividend has passed. Seems later than Weibo.


[Capital] Deli is suspected to phonily record documents when purchased 9377 and reported by SDG

On 26 September, Deli Corporation announced 9377 purchasing plan by using 2.5 billion Yuan. SDG discovered 9377 developed mobile games Flames and Thunderfury, which are beyond approved range. SDG said, it is not only the tort to SDG, also cheat to investors. Because of this situation, SDG decided to cancel the authorization relationship with 9377 and investigate and affix the responsibility for Deli.

Teahouse notes: Legend, conquers countless games # by Game Teahouse Editor Chaohua.


[Enterprise] Linekong: Management board increased company’s stock, Wangfeng’s holding shares increase to 20.52%

Linekong Group Co., Ltd. announced Group Chairman, CEO and Executive Director Mr. Wang Feng added Group total 572000 shares, his holding share increased from 20.36% to 20.52%. Group Senior Management Board indicated that increasing shares shows the confidence and long-term responsibility to the company.

Teahouse notes: Confidence is good thing.

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