[Teahouse Daily] Renren’s privatization is encumbered, stockholders detested price is too low·Kee Ever Tech purchasing 7Road is encumbered

2015-10-14 13:50 Original yangbingbing

[Enterprise] Recoo Games purchased PowerGame 100% equity, adjust publishing business layout

Recoo announced purchase mobile game publisher PowerGame 100% equity. At the same time, Recoo appointed primary PowerGame founder Ruo Min as Recoo domestic publish business department general manager, responsible for publishing, operation, market and business of domestic product. Through this pushing, Recoo is going to recombine domestic mobile game publishing business.

Teahouse notes: Expect for Jane and U.S., Recoo also start to improve domestic market business layout



[Enterprise] It is said that Google’s part of service transferred back to China, or has started returning process.

After the news that Google Play is going to enter China, Google’ returning to mainland of China has new progress. According to insider’s disclosed news, Google’s server service has returned back to Beijing and shanghai, its IP address also shows “China Beijing Google Corporation”. Predicted by this, Goggle may start the returning process. After leaving China 5 years later, Google is possible to push out Mainland of China customized version Google Play Application Store in this year’s autumn. It will be the first step of Google’s returning to China.

Teahouse notes: In normal situation, Tee opened Google Map which uses cn as website postfix today.



[Enterprise] Renren’s privatization is opposed by stockholders, privatization stepped into silence

On 10 June, Renren Corporation announced it received offer from Chen Yizhou and Liu Jian about primary privatization. But offer scheme was accused by these two stated investors as soon as it announced because of disagreement about share price. Journalist found that after raised offer scheme about privatization, Renren Corporation’s privatization has stepped into silence. Renren public relationship staff indicated that “privatization has not new progress now”.

Teahouse notes: Dangdang has similar destiny, Dangdang’s privatization maybe suffer class action.



[Enterprise] Apple pushed out updated iOS 9.1 Beta to developers and beta users

News in the morning of 13 October, Apple released iOS9.1 fifth beta version to developers and beta users, just one week after last beta updated. iOS 9.1 Beta 5’s update content are mainly about repairing some problems and improving property. Currently it is uncertain when will iOS 9.1 officially released, but as beta version’s update frequency accelerated, it is predicted that official version may arrive at the end of October.

Teahouse notes: Apple’s emoji updated are all high-level sneer.

[Abroad] The UK government set up 4 million pound fun to push game industry’s development

13 October news, according to UK old comprehensiveness daily newspaper The Guardian, UK government started one project called Prototype Fund recently, total amount upping to 4 million pound’s video games fund, aiming at providing economic support to new developers’’ gaming development in UK.

Teahouse notes: According to research, game industry’s contribution to UK’s economy exceeds 4.5 million pounds, UK full-time gamers exceeds 19 thousand.


[Capital] Kee Ever Tech purchasing 7road is encumbered, shares’ suspension day will extend

Kee Ever Tech indicated in “About Announcement of Progress of Significant Asset Reorganization”, because this asset reorganization involved many aspects’ inspection, the company’s stock is continuing suspension and delay the purchasing of Changyou’s branch 7road Tech Co., Ltd.

Teahouse notes: Kee Ever Tech’s unsound performance still kick 9 combo of daily fluctuation limit, the purchasing road is truly unpredictable.

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