Nintendo NX News: WSJ Reports Console-Handheld Hybrid With 2016 Release Date

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Wow, the Nintendo NX bombshell may have dropped: A new (paywall-protected) story from the Wall Street Journal has reported on tons of details about the new system, although it all comes from “insider sources,” rather than someone who’s actually named. And the rumors we’re hearing, which Nintendolife sums up well, are very promising indeed. First up: yup, it’s a hybrid console and handheld system! Second up: 2016!!!!


Nintendo NX Details Leaked: Everything We Wanted

According to the big WSJ story, the development kit for the Nintendo NX is shipping out to developers now (it was already shown off behind closed doors to select companies at E3 2015). And, according to the newspaper’s anonymous but “well-placed” sources, via Nintendolife again:

People familiar with the development plans said Nintendo would likely include both a console and at least one mobile unit that could either be used in conjunction with the console or taken on the road for separate use. They also said Nintendo would aim to put industry-leading chips in the NX devices, after criticism that the Wii U's capabilities didn't match those of competitors.

So, there you have it: Industry insiders are saying that the Nintendo NX not only is, in fact, a console and handheld hybrid of some sort, but it’s also as powerful or more powerful than its competitors. And that’s a great move: While the Wii U was more powerful than the PS3, it came out just a year before the PS4. The next generation for the other companies is still years away. And a unique hardware concept, plus top-of-the-line hardware from a pure power perspective, should position Nintendo very well for a major comeback.

Here’s the real clincher: The WSJ’s sources also say that the Nintendo NX may actually have a 2016 release date, since the Wii U is doing relatively badly and the Nintendo 3DS is in the tail end of its lifecycle. Besides, we basically know that Nintendo is developing whole stacks of games for the Nintendo NX—games that could have come to Wii U, but will instead be saved (or released cross-platform) to give the NX the strong launch line-up the Wii U never had.

All in all, it’s very promising news, and remember, this is the Wall Street Journal—not exactly a source of random Internet rumors. Don’t take what they say as pure gospel, but it’s safe to say there’s at least some, possibly a lot of truth to it. And that means the Nintendo NX will be promising and exciting indeed. 


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