Most Mobile Game Revenues in China from Android Devices

2015-10-21 17:30 Resource:eMarketer yangbingbing

Mobile games are a multibillion-dollar market in China. According to at least one forecast, revenues from mobile games will be higher this year in China than in the US.


In July, Newzoo and TalkingData estimated that Chinese mobile gaming revenues would reach $6.5 billion this year, ahead of $6.0 billion forecast for the US—and accounting for a significant share of the $30.1 billion it expected for the worldwide mobile gaming market.

Newzoo and TalkingData estimated that a majority of mobile gaming revenues in China, amounting to $3.6 billion, would be attributable to Android-based devices.

Niko Partners, meanwhile, put mobile gaming revenues in China slightly lower for 2015, at $5.5 billion. The firm expected revenues to more than double by 2019.

Earlier research from TalkingData found that the population of mobile gamers in China had been increasing, though time spent with games was static or dropping.


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