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Only 24 hours left! Registration deadline date in Beijing on October 21, 2015, please everybody apply seize the time!

With the advance of schedule, GDC China 2015 invited speakers is famous of games. At this big gathering many famous speakers, and involving the design, production, program, business marketing, smartphone & tablet games, Independent Games Summit, VR summit meeting and other different the content of virtual reality game, now we have invited 50+ speakers, 60 + media, 1500 + distinguished guests, we join the festivities, ten days after we will jointly participate in the game of GDC China 2015 carnival!


The first is the participation card issue (Can registered last three days!)

GDC China designated participants registered platform

Self registrationhttp://registration.gdcchina.cn/

Media Registrationhttp://registration.gdcchina.cn/?m=user&a=register_m

Group Registrationhttp://registration.gdcchina.cn/?m=user&a=register_g


Time &Location

Meeting place

Shanghai International Convention Center
Address: Riverside Avenue 2727, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Telephone: 86-21-50370000
Fax: 86-21-50370999


Meeting Time

Address: 3F lobby, Shanghai International Convention Center (Huaxia hall at the door

Oct 25th, 2015(Sunday)    08:30-18:00

Oct 26th, 2015(Monday)    08:30-18:00

Oct 27th, 2015(Tuesday)   08:30-17:00


Participants receive a certificate site

At 8:30 on October 25 began to get participants card in 3F lobby of Shanghai International Convention Center scene, please show feedback messages and identity card or business card.



participants card use Question 

I hold a permit participants card can enter into during the exhibition, October 25 to October 27 is valid.

The official exhibition and corresponding time period activities reference schedule:









Participants traffic problem:

Because during the GDC exhibition, terrible traffic jam may happen and parking is limited, some sections of highway will also be the implementation of traffic restrictions, participants please take enough time if you go to the exhibition by public transport.


Exhibition is at the Riverside Avenue 2727, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China. Shanghai International Convention Center is in the west of Pudong Airport. The straight-line distance is about 31 km. You can take the airport shuttle bus, subway, or maglev train to the exhibition hall.

l  Pudong International Airport – exhibition

Taxi: about 50 minutes; fare is about 153 yuan;

Maglev: only 8 minutes; one-way ticket is 50 yuan (if show tickets, one-way costs 40 yuan); and from 80 yuan;

Airport line four, airport line seven: about two and a half hours; 16 to 22 yuan fare

Metro: Line 2: Get in Pudong Airport - Lujiazui Station. Fare 7 yuan.

l  Hongqiao Airport - Exhibition

Taxi: about 45 minutes; the fare of about 65 yuan;

Metro: Line 10: Get in Hongqiao Airport - Nanjing East Road get off - line 2 Get in Nanjing Road - Lujiazui get off, fare 5 yuan.



Many bus lines passing through the exhibition, nearby sites: 82 Road, 583 Road, 791 Road, 795 Road, 870 Road, 961 Road, 985 Road.


Line 2 Lujiazui Station


Food, accommodation problems

1, Dining

LeKai Pizza Pizza - 2nd Floor 168 Lujiazui West Road, Super Brand Mall

Yuxiangrenjia -8th Floor 168 Lujiazui West Road, Super Brand Mall

 - 9th Floor 168 Lujiazui West Road, Super Brand Mall

KFC - 5th Floor 168 Lujiazui West Road, Super Brand Mall

McDonald's - 5th Floor 168 Lujiazui West Road, Super Brand Mall

Pizza Hut - 5th Floor 168 Lujiazui West Road, Super Brand Mall

2, accommodation

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong Shanghai - Century Avenue No.210, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Pudong Shanghai - South Road No.111 Pudong Shanghai

Kempinski Hotel Shanghai - Lujiazui Ring Road 1288, Shanghai

Kingland Service Apartment Shanghai - East Avenue No.281, Pudong New Area

Hayden Star Wave Hotel - Pudong District No 14.1st Floor Lane 595, Pudong Road 

Haode Wanyuan Shanghai - No.599 Pudong Avenue WestShanghai

Shanghai Donghai Hotel - Pudong Avenue No. 281, Pudong New Area

Yu Garden Hotel Apartments Shanghai - Changyi Road No. 600, Room 509, Pudong New Area,

Shanghai Natural Star Apartments - Changyi Road No. 600, Room 406, Pudong New Area,


Other tips:


1. Theft cases occur repeatedly in previous years. Please do not laugh here, maybe this year you will encounter on the exhibition, more participants, people who to see more participating, entering into the exhibition "will stealer" will follow. Thus, to put away own valuables.

2. About session, this year many famous speakers, including pre-selected participants to listen to speeches on their own page publication, don’t miss you.

3. Because the master speakers, people may more, it will be crowded, please be courteous to each other, in order to avoid accidents.

4. due to road traffic jam during the participants. So everyone will try to take public transportation to the participants. Participants please go back to hotel as earlier as possible.

Shanghai International Convention Center Nearby Service Guide:


Nearby supermarkets, shops

Family Mart (Super Brand Mall) - Lujiazui Road 168

City Supermarket (Riverside Branch) - Lujiazui No. 33 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road, , Pudong New Area

711 Mart (King Chamber Branch)) -  Lujiazui Ring Road No.1396, Pudong New Area

Lawson Mart (new bund) - Lujiazui Ring No.1233, Pudong New Area

C-STORE Mart(Douglas Road) - Lujiazui No. 33 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road, Pudong New Area


Parking Problems

In addition to the regular National Convention Center parking lot, there are honest mall, Golden State Mall, Riverside car park, port building nine parking nearby parking lot.You can drove past, then we can make the appropriate choice.


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