[Teahouse Daily] Miracle Nikki developer Suzhou Diezhi launched 150 million B financing to enter e-commerce?•Obvious the Matthew Effect, top9 publishers takes 83.29% market

2015-10-28 14:26 Original yangbingbing

[Enterprise] NetEase Comic got authorization of SE, Japan, 63 legal copay Comics came online on free

NetEase Comic announced the news that they have achieved authorization of 63 comic’s legal copy of Japanese Comic Publisher Square Enix (SE), coming online on free on NetEase Comic Platform since October 28. Square Enix is merged from Japan SQUARE and ENIX on April 1, 2003, which is Japanese game software developer and publisher, owning plenty famous comics. SE publishing department responsible showed the optimistic attitude about Chinese comic market, which is transforming to legal comic market overall, and indicating the cooperation with NetEase will involve in IP co-development.

Teahouse Notes: Free IP firstly, and potential paying players?


[Enterprise] Miracle Nikki’s developer Suzhou Diezhi launched 150 million B financing to enter e-commerce

Miracle Nikki’s developer Suzhou Diezhi Internet announced finishing 150 million B financing. Diezhi’s founder Yao Runhan indicated, the company will continually focusing on female interaction entertainment after this financing, and developing from game market to movie and e-commerce market, making company into a female interaction entertainment company.

Teahouse Notes: Making female products into perfection.


[Enterprise] Firefall reached cooperation with YOKU, sharing accounts to send mobile video column

Firefall’s operator Aozhi Technology reach cooperation with YOKU, aiming at populating games together. Cooperation details include producing online video column IN Sci-Fi, Firefall 51 Distinct, and accounts sharing, game video updating and so on.

Teahouse Notes: YOKU seems not that interested in game live.


[Capital] Koei first half year’s revenue is 790 million Yuan, decreasing by 5.9%

Recently, Koei TECMO released financial report of 2015 first half year (2015 April - September). Financial report shows that KT’s first half year revenue is 15.159 Billion Yen, decreasing by 5.9%. Financial report indicates, even revenue decreased, it is still excesses expectation; the decreasing mainly because of game delay.

Teahouse Notes: Performance mainly comes from Samurai Warriors.


[Enterprise] Shanda Game financial report’s performance is unsatisfactory, second undertaking starts after leaving parent

Recently, Shanda Game released it is first half year financial report which is up to June 30. Company’s performance is unsatisfactory: revenue is 1.4464 billion Yuan, decreasing by 26.1%; profit is 289.5 million Yuan, decreasing 52.2%. After leaving group, Shanda Game will launch second undertaking.

Teahouse Notes: Too much information # reluctantly satisfactory?

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