The mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey’s PCU exceeds 2 million

2015-09-16 12:09 Original gallonwang

On May 20, in Netease’s news conference of “520 Game Loving Day”, Netease announced that a number of people who play their mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey had exceeded 1.7 million online at the same time, and there were 20 million new registered users. After this, at nine thirty-five p.m., PCU exceeded 2 million, and only 20 minutes later, PCU surpassed 2.04 million, which was the best blessing for “520 Game Loving Day”.

From 1.7 million to 2 million, the mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey updates record of PCU and creates the miracle of the market continually. We create not only our own history, but also a new chapter of China mobile Internet. We are proud of this achievement, and at the same time we will also continue to steadfast forward. In the future, we will continue to receive advices, provide more quality gameplay for players and constantly improve the player’s gaming experience. We hope that our every effort won’t make players disappointed and will create more dream miracles in future.

Since March 26 the mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey was on IOS, although there were less than two months, this game had won the recognition of countless players. In the comments section of the App Store platform, there are many game billets-doux written by players. The Mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey is indeed a dream maker of new era.

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