Lost Ark – Tencent Will Publish in China

2015-11-17 10:33 Resource:pressexaminer.com yangbingbing

Fresh news arrived regarding Lost Ark, an upcoming Korean MMORPG that is expected to come next year in Asia.

The Shanghai World Expo brought some new details about the game, or at least about its Chinese version. Tencent, China’s major game publisher will be responsible for spreading the game locally. Along with the announcement a trailer has arrived as well, done by Tencent itself.  The news has appeared during the Tencent Games Carnival yesterday. An official Chinese website for Lost Ark has also emerged.


Tencent Games Carnival , Lost Ark Announcement – Image: sina.com

tencentgamesLost Ark is Smilegate’s next game project after the popular Crossfire title, and its development dates back to 2011. Lost Ark is a fantasy-themed MMORPG built on the Unreal Engine 3 that achieves some rather pleasing visuals. The game is brought to us by the cooperation of Smilegate and Tripod Studio.


Herald Kwon, Smilegate CEO – Image: Smilegate

Lost Ark is basically and isometric hack ‘n’ slash action MMORPG. Isometric games are back in business nowadays as new titles keep launching, like Devillian. Smilegate’s CEO, Herald Kwon, according to The Korea Times, stated last year in a press conference, “For now, we plan to fully devote our energy to Lost Ark. No other title will be announced for a while.” He also added,”The local PC online game market has been depressed. We anticipate that Lost Ark will restore the popularity in this segment.” Furthermore, Ji Won-gil, who is responsible for the game’s development, commented on Lost Ark, “We tried to depict a background which has both colors of western and eastern cultures to aim at the global market,” he adds, “We will think over how to localize detailed parts of the game to attract foreign users.”


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