Chinese Zombie Brother Appears in New York Times Square

2015-12-04 16:37 Resource:PR Newswire yangbingbing

On December 2, a zombie with long fluttering white hair and incantation tattoos appeared on the big screen in Times Square, New York.

This zombie is an important character in the mobile game Zombie Brother, where the character turns human beings into "zombie brothers" and which has quickly gained popularity among Chinese gamers.

Created by Longtu Game Company, Zombie Brother is the most popular comic on China's Tencent Comic website, and tells of the adventures of a young man named Bai Xiaofei and his fight against Zombie Brothers. To date, the comic has been read around 6 billion times and the animated adaptation of the comic ranks high on the list of most played online videos.

According to the Chinese gaming community, the popularity of ACGN (Animation, Comic, Game and Novel) culture has already gone global, and good games adapted from popular animations, comics and novels can be more easily accepted by players overseas.

Catering to ACGN fans across the world, Longtu will launch a beta version of the Zombie Brother mobile game on December 18. The first version of the game available to the public, it will feature a challenging series of shooting games in addition to a player vs player mode that will appeal to all ACGN fans, while Zombie Brother's appearance in Times Square also signals the emergence of Chinese ACGN mobile games across the world.


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